Sump Pump Systems

Sump Pump Systems


As party of our mitigation systems it is often necessary to replace the current sump pump with a new submersible type. Due to our extensive experience with this procedure we an offer both more affiordable upgrades to your current system and battery powered systems to protect your basement during power outages. We have found that most of the hardware store pump systems do not offer the pumpng capacity or battery life required to afford the needed protection.

We are proud to offer more powerful and reliable models developed here in Wisconsin.

Sump pumps are generally referred to as drainage or clearwater sump pumps. Dewatering pumps have screens which prevents the solids from entering the pump. These pumps are used to pump ground water out to grade or to a storm sewer.
Note: Effluent and Sewage pumps can also be used for sump pump applications.

The Jim Murray line of pumps can be used to provide dual pumping capacity of up to 5,000 gallons per hour along with reliable power outage protection. In addition we offer options including high water alarms, continuous system monitoring and even systems that will call or email you if a problem develops.

Contact us at 262-691-2003 and let us show you how we an offer reliability and protection at reasonable cost.