Here are testimonials from some of our clients.

“My home is only seven years old and I witnessed the entire building process from start to finish. I was very surprised to find my home to have such high levels of radon for a newly constructed home. Bob and Marcy explained the different causes of high radon levels and I excepted the fact that we just merely had to take corrective action and move on. The well-being and peace of mind in knowing that my family are safest when the house is completely closed up is important to me. Bob and Marcey were very courteous and knowledgeable. They gave me a full education on the efects of radon, the testing procedure and the process by which the my home would reach safe levels. I am looking forward to getting the sump sealed and fan installed. Thanks for the education.”

R. L. – Waukesha, Wisconsin

“The testing process used by Advanced Radon Management was very simple and thorough. They just left a testing device at our house for a few days. We were very happy that our house tested below the EPA recommended safe level. Bob and Marcey were very helpful in explaining the process and results.”

S. D. – Dousman, Wisconsin